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As a Publisher, you the perspective author is probably unaware of some of the problems of trying to get your work published by a commercial publisher or just having your manuscript read by a literary agent. The primary reason in a nutshell is ECONOMICS. With mounting costs of production and merchandising, the commercial book publishing industry is taking fewer risks with new or unknown authors; and moving towards established authors or well-known personalities even if their writing is below standards because the celebrity already has a built-in audience or fan base. And if you are lucky to have your work accepted, usually there are long delays (about 18 months) before you see your work in print. Don't let anyone decide or tell you whether your work is good enough to be in print or not. That is why most authors save themselves the heartache and self-publish. Self-publishing a book that you've written can result in enduring value on a personal level.

Publishing your own book can be an effective means for creative self-expression or sharing an experience with others. You can see your book in print within a few weeks of your manuscript completion and it may also bring recognition and accelerate your career. So put your doubts away. Let's have fun and get to work!

Alexis Thornton, Publisher



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