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All that I can say is: "This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time." I was able to relate to so much of the story, and I am very sure every other reader will feel the same after reading this book. Don't let the size of the book discourage you. This book will have you up at am in the morning trying to find out what will happen next. She brings you into the story. I love the bonding that her and her siblings shared. I can relate because I have a large family and my parents are from two different backgrounds as well. I'm from the Bronx therefore I can relate to the places that the author mentions throughout the book. I found that very interesting. This sister really put her heart into this story, the love, the family, the sex, the job the husband, the works. I must say as I write this review, I am just excited. I for one don't write reviews unless the story moves me as this one did. I am on page 366 and the story still has me going. I was bursting inside, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I just had to share this book before I finished that is how well it is written. I want everyone to read this book now! Please don't miss out on this good read. A sister from the Bronx If you are tired of reading books where the story ends in a day and leave you wanting more. - Pick up a copy of Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers... (The Best of Enemies" A real shocker lol
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Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers... the Best of Enemies: A Bronx Tale of Love and Relationships Gone Awry by Gigi

Reviewed by Heather Covington -Editor- in-Chief of Disilgold Soul

Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers... the Best of Enemies: A Bronx Tale of Love and Relationships Gone Awry by Gigi may be one of the longest titles ever in history for a Drama fiction book, and with an equally long story plot at 539 pages, but the author is to be commended for not holding back the depth of this beguiling page-turning work, and one of the most shocking and compelling novels of all time about to take the literary world by storm.

Gigi, as she calls herself, and the author's middle name, already sets the tone for a mysterious thriller as you look at the daring cover. What cover on the market boldly depicts a woman in silhouette form who looks like she just stabbed a man to death? There are even a few droplets of blood if you look carefully and a streaming bloody pool flowing behind the man's head while lifelessly perched on the ground, so you open the book! Gigi has penned a chunky little devil wrapped in bright red. She's got a great opening chapter that catches the reader's eye in gravitating suspense.

Family, Friends, Husbands & Lovers..., which we'll abridge for now, quickly takes the reader to the work office of Amber's job. A fiery exchange of dialogue between Amber and her boss, Shirley, set the tone for a catfight about to ensue, but Amber is cool, calm and in control so it seems. Readers will immediately be reminded of demanding and haggling bosses in movies that predict murder around the corner.

Shirley Hinkle, Amber's boss, is 37 and she's not aging well and maybe because she acts like, a true-to-life fire breathing dragon. Shirley is also anal retentive, uptight, has family problems, and plenty of issues Amber can't stand. Shirley's behavior day-in- and- day out is agitating Amber to the point of insanity, but she vents when she is away from her boss.

Amber Mercado is 32, can pen a proposal for the agency she works for in lightening speed and hardly ever agrees with her boss Shirley, and on any issues. She soon realizes that her life is not as in control as she thought. Her seething emotions spin out of control when she suspects that her very own husband, Sean, is cheating on her.

Amber discovers the signs on a continuum until a heated blow out between her and Sean surface. Sean appears to be still in love with Amber and does not want a divorce. They somewhat try to work things out, but a guy named Michael who's just coming out of a relationship with a lady named Joyce has got the hots for the dejected Amber. Does Amber develop feelings for Michael? You will never guess what happens when Sean finds out about Michael! Things are beginning to get more heated chapter -by- chapter. Readers simply can not put down Gigi's book! Whoa! More problems arise with Denise, one of Amber's best friends. She's not just any friend. Denise threatened to take her deranged baby's father, Stanley King, to court for child support. Stanley does not take her threat lightly. Denise has to go to court to enforce a restraining order, but will this work? The raw, tumultuous ending of this highly engaging twister will leave folks talking about Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers... the Best of Enemies: A Bronx Tale of Love and Relationships Gone Awry. Several plots, twists and turns all come together for a mind-boggling and explosive ending. Gigi's writing pen works with the same mastery as James Patterson. She's a gifted storyteller, brings excitement to Drama Fiction and has a hit with only her first novel!

Readers may even remember the title by hard, but if not, just search for GIGI at http://www.sixela.com/ . This author may just literary blow up on the bestseller lists before folks discover who has been blown away. Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers... the Best of Enemies: A Bronx Tale of Love and Relationships Gone Awry by Alexis "Gigi" Thornton is a surprise SHOCKER THIS SEASON! Brace yourself.

5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers Worldwide "A YOUnity Book Club" To author: "Thank you Alexis for sending your book to us upon request. It was an enjoyable read. We're going to e-blast your book review to our reviewing public in the next issue of Disilgold Soul Literary Review. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment from the Disilgold family."

Heather Covington DISILGOLDSOUL! Literary Review plus

P.O. BOX 652 Baychester Station Bronx, NY 10469 1.718.547.0499

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2006


Budget Book Design/Books Just Books, February 2006

539 Pages, Paperback, $19.95 ISBN: 097776690X Genre: Fiction

RAW Rating: 5 stars

The Best of Both

Amber and Sean Thompson have been married for twelve years and have produced three sons. Currently at a crossroad in their marriage because of Sean's infidelities, Amber wants a divorce. Presently separated but living under the same roof, Amber begins to create a life of her own by dating. Unbeknownst to her, Sean has others plans. Within this tale of love and lust, family and friends are an integral part of the relationship of the Thompson's and their stories are also at the forefront in FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS AND LOVERS...THE BEST ENEMIES by Gigi.

Ernestine and Jose' Mercado of West Indian and Latin descent respectively, produced eleven children in which Amber is the second oldest. Raised in a life of privilege and luxury, at age seventeen Amber moved out of the family home, attended college and made a life of her own. It was then she met Sean who is fifteen years older. So taken with Amber, because of her beauty and sharp wit, Sean wined and dined and waited until she was of legal age to marry her. Sean does not come from Amber's world; he is from a Bronx project much to her parents' consternation. However, Amber hobnobs well within both worlds. Added to this mix are an eclectic list of characters from Amber's siblings, to her uppity West Indian aunts and friends. Amber's friends include Monica, her best friend from childhood, and Denise, a more recent acquaintance. Monica is from an upper class family, she is a business owner and she despises Denise. Denise is a single mother of an autistic child and a welfare recipient. Once Amber steps into the dating scene she hooks up with a filthy rich corporate raider and when all of their worlds collide it is volatile.

FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS AND LOVERS...THE BEST ENEMIES is a whirlwind ride with a family that harbors a deep-rooted secret. A secret so cruel it has shaped Amber into the person she is. Amber loves her family, loathes her aunts and hates the pretentious world in which she was raised. At work she is smart and sharp but is disgusted by her boss who is basically beneath her and her coworkers educationally and takes credit for the work they produce.

The book FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS AND LOVERS...THE BEST ENEMIES at times is hilarious because of Amber's sarcasm and the reactions she receives. A lot of the drama and other antics are unbelievable but at the same time probable. The author did provide just the right amount of descriptions of locales to give the reader a visual feel of the inhabitants and the world in which they existed. The novel FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS AND LOVERS...THE BEST ENEMIES is a constant drama-filled love story, which highlights lust, jealousy and how a past act can shape a person for better or worse unbeknownst to others.

Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Riveting! Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers...The Best of Enemies, by Gigi is hilarious, loaded with edge-of-your-seat, tasteful Passion & Excitement! Amber, a no nonsense, beautiful, successful business woman, who has it all including a gorgeous husband (Sean), who bountifully supports and satisfies her in every way...or does he?

Amber has a close relationship with her mother and siblings however haunting memories of her aunts are exposed when Amber finally encounters them again.

Denise and Monica (Amber's dear friends), are as different as night and day loathe each other with a passion.

Mr. Michael Evans, handsome, charming, self-made millionaire and every woman's fantasy, notices Amber in passing. His attraction towards her is instant and he is willing to go through any means necessary to meet her. With Amber's marriage on the rocks, she decides to Let Go and Live but will her heart and soul follow her mind?

Michael finally meets Amber and letting go never seem so good, but will the feelings and attraction take Amber and Michael to a different world! Meanwhile, Denise and Monica discover that opposites do more than just attract, they leave skeletons…

All Hell breaks loose when a party is planned, patterns are stitched together, a divorce threat is challenged head on, secrets are no more, jealous mental instabilities wreaks havoc and violence bringing forth a powerful closure.

Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers...The Best of Enemies, easy fast pace reading, which really needs to be a sequel, will leave you wanting to read more; I really enjoyed it a lot!

Great Book - Nicely Done GiGi! ****





"Between these covers, you'll find sassy remarks, typical marital problems and sordid pasts in a humorous look at love and family."

Dated November 13, 2006, 4 STARS!!!

Who Needs Enemies?, November 13, 2006 Reviewer: Barbara Joe Williams "Barbara Joe-Williams" (Tallahassee, FL)

This book is a wonderful story about relationships that can build us up as well as tear us down. The main character, Amber Thompson, is at a difficult time in her life dealing with a wayward husband, a new love interest, family, friends, and her job situation. However, she manages to handle everything like a sophisticated lady including her three growing sons. Told with doses of humor and sarcasm, this was a truly enjoyable read that was hard to put down from a debut author.

Don't be discouraged by the size of the book (over 500 pages) because it'll be worth it when you reach the surprise ending. Gigi has an amazing imagination that will capture and hold your attention to the very last word. As an avid reader, I recommend this book to those looking for mystery, romance, suspense, and everything in-between. It'll leave you asking that age old question: With friends and family like this, who needs enemies?

Barbara Joe-Williams Author of "Falling for Lies"