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Don't let the size of the book discourage you. This book will have you up at am in the morning trying to find out what will happen next.
She brings you into the story. I love the bonding that her and her siblings shared. I can relate because I have a large family and my parents are from two different backgrounds as well.
I'm from the Bronx therefore I can relate to the places that the author mentions throughout the book. I found that very interesting.
This sister really put her heart into this story, the love, the family, the sex, the job the husband, the works.
I must say as I write this review, I am just excited. I for one don't write reviews unless the story moves me as this one did.
I am on page 366 and the story still has me going. I was bursting inside, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I just had to share this book before I finished that is how well it is written. I want everyone to read this book now!
Please don't miss out on this good read. A sister from the Bronx
If you are tired of reading books where the story ends in a day and leave you wanting more. - Pick up a copy of Family,
Friends, Husbands and Lovers... (The Best of Enemies" A real shocker lol
Alexis Thornton, Publisher